Sunday, December 6, 2015

Products of the year part 1♥

Hi blog

2016 is just around the corner so let's look back trough the year and see, what products have been, the best :))


Most of you already know that the versace parfume is my all time favorite parfume, but is still deserved a spot in this blog post♥

Cargo Bronzer. in the Summertime a shimmery bronzer is really pretty but  it can be too much in the fall and winter time so that's when a matte bronzer is your hero, makeing that pale face look more tan without looking like are trying too hard, I think that shimmer bronzer is for tan skin. But maybe as a highlight♥

I wouldn't have made it through the year without my leave in coditioner/detangler it inexpensive and it works :))

my stila merry and bright has been a great favorite is a many in one product I use the dark brown I hit pan on as my brow powder and the light skintone as my highligter I can create multible eyelooks with this pallete ♥

but thats it for today part 2 will be out tomorrow so have a look out for that :))

xoxo Christina♥


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