Friday, December 20, 2013

Stay/become healthy during winter♥

Hi blog

so I've seen some winter fit videoes lately and thought it would be a great idea to share them with you so today i'd like to show you the winter fitness videos that I thought were the best :))

1. first we have stilababe09 aka meredith foster with her mostely recipe ideas and some workout stuff♥

2. Beyondbeautystar with er homemade protein bar good for all year around, think I'm gonna try it, I'll substitute the powder, a little to ekspencive atleast the brands I've seen :))

3. Joanna Soh with her soups OMG I'm druling this looks so yummy I wanna try them all. One of them is only 60 kcal for a serving!! 

But just her videos in general are a good help all year around♥

but I guess that's it for know :)) wait I could make a beauty version how to keep your body, hair, skin hydrated, healthy and pretty :))

xoxo Christina♥

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