Sunday, December 15, 2013

sunday nights♥

Hi blog

I've been taking some fotos for future post, that I'll be working on later♥
today I've been at my friends house and have gotten my ekstremely late birthday gift, which I´ll share with you tomorrow or Tuesday, I have a bordershopping haul post in the making so I don´t know what to put first♥

So I can't wait for tomorrow, wow excited for a monday... that's a new one :)) but if the plan still stands I'll be christmas baking with my school mates after school and since we finished our naturesience exam that class is canceled and since it some speacial day, our artistisk class is canceled as well so school ends at 10.50 pm♥

I just love this weeks schedule♥

But right now I'm planning on making some tea, see a movie and just enjoy the rest of my weekend♥

xoxo Christina♥

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