Saturday, January 18, 2014

Current nails :))

Hi blog :))

So if you have seen my last post you'll know that I did a little MUA shopping and i Got 3 nail polishes, if not here you go :))

But I really wanted to use the one called mystical dragon because, alot of the people that have reviewed it Said that it was so gorgeous and they had recived so Many complements but huden treasure was so freaking pretty as Well so I was a little torn, but i finally made up my mind and decided to choose hidden treasure :))

A pretty gold glitter with some silver to balance it so it didn't look yellowish which I have some golds that kinda do :))

It perfectly pigmentet one coat is sheer enough so you can use it over another color and to coats cover the entire nail, thas how I like my glitters even though I rarely use Them on top of other colors, but just in case :)) <3

Xoxo christina :)) 

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