Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting ready for the gym :))

Hi blog :))

So there has been quite a few fitness related blog posts, but don't Worre this won't turne into a fitness blog, but fitness it a part of beauty, not saying that you need to be fit to be beautiful, but health and beauty are a good combo :))

I'm currently waiting for the bus since the gym is around 5 miles away :)) and i have to be there latest 15-20 minutters before practice begins. Yep I'm going to a zumba class with my friend today, ite going to be so much fun :))

And she  has or is bakeing a healthy bananacake for our workout..... Or not she litterely told me that it wouldn't be ready in time, no bananacake for me :(( <3

But I've lacked my stuff and it is almost time to go :))


Xoxo christina <3

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