Friday, October 20, 2017

Mua cosmetics haul :))

Hi blog :))

So I've bought some makeup from mua, it is the first time I've ever ordered from Them. And I am really  excited to try my new stuff :))

The undress your skin higlighter, everytime I wanted to order this it was out of stock but I finally got it, I've heard people say that it is a dupe for mac natural skin finish - soft and gentle. Hmm i don't really know about that I swatched it it's really beautiful but way more pinktoned and mac is more neutral-gold-bronze :))

thesefashionista nail lacquers are so beautiful!! but the lightest glitter blue on the right looked hunter green on the website but it´s gorgeous and I just lost my other turquoise nail polish so thas fine.

Colors L to R = mystical dragon - hidden treasure - jezebel

these fashionista eyeliners are really pretty haven't tried them yet♥
colors L to R: style queen - 24/7 style - exhibition

mua's new range mua luxe I've heard people wait for ages to get these and when they have odered they may not get all because there was such a high demand but maybe not anymore but I really wanted them, you apply them and then they dry matte they are wet in the swatch because it takes a few minuttes to dry♥

xoxo Christina♥

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