Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nicehair, Nicemakeup, Niceskin now all in one♥

Hi blog♥

Do you know the feeling when you see a website, that has a sistersite, like the same owners, but they've spread their stuff in to Categories on multiple sites, sad feeling right you wan't something from each site, but it just felt wired jumping from site to site even though all the links where on the same site.

Well then I have some good news. I've adored these sites for a while and they are finnaly made in to one site they call I just love the fact that they combined the sites to make one amazing site I mean I'm almost jumping in my couch (such a couch potato, even though I did go to the gym today and yesterday and tomorrw) But it's so great now I don't need to feel so confused any more, this just made my shopping life more simple. has so many cool products and brands, but I alway got confused didn't know if i made an order from to of their sites I had to pay double shipping which would be stupid, I did't really get that, 5 site in one but still 5 different sites, you know as I mentioned, more sites but all the links were there. and I hated the fact that when I was in stores thinking to myself. Oh I saw that on way cheaper and that makeup remover from nice skin aswell but  do I or don't I have to pay double shipping or what. so I would just buy it in the store.

but yeah just thought that I'd share the great news. did you know that they have a membersclub like where you save up point from what you get and then buy stuff with your points, like matas or fx sephora If you don't live in denmark :)) it's called you should totally sign up!♥

xoxo Christina♥

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