Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quick beauty tips :))

Hi blog :))

I love searching for beauty tips, I always like to know. Whats the best for your skin or how to make hair and lashes Gore etc. So I've put together some of the beauty tips I find interesting :))

Hair/makeup tip
If you have dark hair, like me eyeshadows that are a bit dyrker like Plum, lavender, green, purple and blue, would be great and your eyemakeup and hair  will complement eachother.

Skincare tip.
Don't smoke, yeah I know it's easy for me to say I've Never touched a cigarette in my life not a single one. But smoking is not only bad for you on the inside but it Can do some damage on your skin aswell. Smoking makes wrinkels show faster

Skincare tip.
I personly don't like it when I'm already freezing in the morning but. Washing your face with cold water will reduce redness and puffyness.

Lip tip
Small lips? Maybe stay away from dark shades, dark shades makes your lips look smaller, unless you don't really Care :))

Beauty foods tip.
Eat stuff  for an example salmon that is high in omega 3 Which prevent redness :))

Well I don't like blogpost whitout pictures so... Greetings from me :))

Xoxo christina :)) <3


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