Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hi sweeties ♥

So the this guy from was so kind to send me some stuff from there webshop and a 30% off coupon which will be at the bottom of the post. :))

So I got these beautiful jewelrys, I really didn´t expect that much, because when we talk about me receiving jewlery from rockzjewelry He said he would just send me a little thing and if us working together went great he would send more :)) So I thought he would send me one little ring. but when I got my pack I see two cute little rings ans infinity ring, which is called a bow ring on the site and a beautiful adjustable cross ring, that totally matches my earcuff from river island.

And then this georgeous silver necklace and I kept saying to myself this can't be real silver, he wouldn't but then I saw the tiny 925 stamp on the back I was stunned about how sweet and generous of him to send me such beautiful jewelry I think I'm going to use the coupon code myself as well because I kinda got a big jewelry crush on a ring (the last picture)

And I hope they will sell many more styles on the website because rockzjewelry could be my new place to shop when I want simple, cute good quality and sometimes real silver jewelry. I really mean all of this it's not just for free jewelry. if it was why would I do it if it wasn't good♥

Just a Disclaimer If you are new here or just wanted to be sure I'm a hundred procent honest in my reviews. I love a lot of stuff so thats what i concentrade on, but If you wan't me to talk about products I don't like  please leave a comment.

but on to some photos♥

It's kinda a two in one because in the back there is a smaller heart that you can flip over which is the way that its meant to worn, but thought it could be fun to show it like this aswell♥

the infinity ring is a tiny bit to small on my ringfinger so I use it as a really cute midiring or as an above the knuclering whatever you would like to call it. I got got quite wide fingers so people with averege fingers it would fit just fine♥ 

And this is the really neat ring I'm having quite a jewelry crush on think I'll be useing the coupon code JANUAR2014 and get 30% off this beautiful ring!!♥

so go shop at rockzjewelry before I emty the racks♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Jeg har også selv infinity ringen :-) så fin!


    1. den er også super sød!! overvejer vikelig at købe den i guld når jeg får penge♥


  2. Fed neglelak!! : D

    leave a comment<3

    1. Tak!♥ har kun givet ca. 13kr for den og den holder virkelig godt!!♥



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