Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tips on how to stay motivatet and get to your goals :))

Hi blog :))

This post is about styring motivatet so you Can fulfill you goals and new years resoloutions and the reason I'm doing this now an not like the 3rd of january is, because this is usually around now I would quit.

Yes I'm a lazy couchpotato :)) but this is going to be my year when I finally succed!!

I've learned trough the years that you need to set your goals carefully no matter if you just  want to get fit or lose 5 or 20 kg :)) what I did was work my but off the first week of the new year, then quit because it was to hard  and the weight loss wan't going as fast as i would like it to.

I had crazy goals like I wanted to lose 1kg a day... Girl it's not going to happen, maybe the first day because you have lost a lot of water in your body. What I'm doing this year is weekly goals or maybe you could even do monthly goals instead of making one Big goal.

So if you wan't to lose 20 kg maybe say 0,5 to 1 kg a week in the begin with :))
Because of the water it will go a little faster, and Then take it a little Down just so it doesn't  seem to much :))

And Then just find a excerice you like because if you have to force yourself, its not going to work and you'll probably end up quitting <3

A picture from my first time to the gym this year, with my friend :))

Xoxo christina :))

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