Friday, February 7, 2014

Broken charger... Bæ :))

Hi blog :))

So my charger for my dear computer is broken.. and I'm stuck with this tiny Black one, that can't stop correcting what I'm writeing I can't even type WHO without It changes in to big letters. Argh.. I suffer.

But for mine and others luck, there a websites like bæ that Sells chargers yay! even tough their link name is something else than the tiltle on the website. If you wan't to search the link it is :))

This computer makes me mad!!

But if you click here Charger :)) you can choose exact´ly the one you need, and I'm in a big need. everything on this computer is so small and the Fn button is where the Ctrl button should be and Uhhhh... 

But I think it's quite nice that they have so many Chargers to choose from, because I won't spend a lot of time looking at some pages that don't have what I need!

I have a Packard bell computer, not really a mac book person, maybe it's because I'm not used to them, but I don't like my sisters macbook :))

And the charger you need is quite easy to find, because they are alpabetical :))

hope it might help some people :))
xoxo Christina :))

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