Saturday, February 1, 2014

Copenhagen Update :))

Hi blog :))

So yesterday was a bit of  a fail :))
Sofie's credit card didn't work, when we Got to tha Mall so we had to get on the train back to the central station, to find her bank so she could get some money and Then back to the Mall again, because she had a deres laid aside for her. Then this lady, who was a really good salesman or Woman made us buy some wired overprised stuff, a cube that buffs your nails with cotton and a side of silk that makes your nails supper shinny and a side that cirkulate your blodstream so your nails get stronger, and now we need to get back to return it, because i don't Care about shinny nails they are covered by nailpolish anyway and the Price it hurts :))

But to day we are going to like some clothing sale event thing where my sister and other are selling clothes :))

And later if  we feel like it, we will go to the shopping street :))

Hihi but I will talk to you later :)) <3

Xoxo christina :))


  1. Rigtig fin hårfarve!

    Love Malene ♥

    1. Mange tak!, er også glad for den, det gode er, at det er min naturlige farve♥
      har og skal aldrig farve hår♥


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