Sunday, February 9, 2014

Great start on winter break :))

Hi blog ;))

So my winter break has just begun and it has been quite nice but busy. I was to a 17 year old birthday yesterday, so stessfull because no one told me untill 3pm that my mom was having her birthday that night (her real birthday is 13th jan.) so while getting ready I had to attend moms birthday aswell and my friend Kira was an hour early and I lmost paniced. :))

but everything wen't well, we got there on time and it was a great night!! :)) just sad I didn't have the time to make a get ready with me, but I'm soon making that haul from nicehair soon. This vacation I  might be having girlsnight at my summerhouse wenesday and hang with my girl Louise this weekend. 

Haha instaraped one of my friends :))

Xoxo christina :))

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