Thursday, February 27, 2014

Healthy habits♥

Hi blog♥

I hope you had a good day or will have depending on where in the world you are, but I'm in denmark and the day it almost over, today was great and I'm in a really good mood right now♥

german class was canceled yes!! an PE was amazing, we are training up to our skiing trip, so we did some hard but fun HIT (High intensety training) ♥ When I came home I had a huge Yummy bowl of fruit while singing along on songs with my mouth full of food :))

Later it was Zumbatime with our sweet and awesome instructor Ines Bukic, time just flew by on my way to the bus station my right leg almost failed me, was kinda freaked out but I managed to get there, Now I'm sitting in my bed that is currently a bit defect after the move but daddy will fix it, and I'm drinking some vitamin water, and as soon as this blog post is up I will be reading in my magazine and probably watch some beauty videos on youtube ahhh.. love life♥

OUGH before I forget I have a huge fitness haul coming up soon!! so remember to come back♥

Red dots on my face.... meh love your flaws right?♥

xoxo Christina♥

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