Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My first thriftshop new in♥

Hi blog :))

So last week after a trip to fitness I got my mom to pick me up and my dad would come with the train in about 20 minnutes, so my mom drove to this place se had seen, where everything marked dowm to 5 and 10 dkk. about 1-2$ tiny bit less. and the weekend before my friend found a denim jacket for 70dkk  which was a bargain but not compared to the oversize one i got ;))♥

I'm really glad my mom took me there I think I got some great stuff♥

I LOVE this so comfy and makes me feel good♥ just think it adds something cool to an outfit♥

Amazing so great to wear thin but really warm, this is comming with me to the skiing trip♥

You'll be like what..... But this is my first blazer, don't really like the pearly buttons but my mom has some gold ones we can switch them out with♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Fin cowboy skjorte. :-)

    Love Malene ♥

    1. Tak synes også den er super skøn!!♥ også kostede den bare ingen penge :))


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