Monday, February 3, 2014

Products I've used up♥

Hi blog♥

Have seen all the youtubers who have a huge bin of used up products every 2-3 month and I'm like I used up 4-5 things in 5 months... how can they use up that much, how much product do they use? :)) well I do have some more products that are almost used up so the next emties♥

today I have some ordinary product and som I've in the past spoke about like it was the best thing ever, but have I changed my mind?♥

So the Clearasil scrub have taken me almost a year to use up, I belive I got it last spring :))
hmmm... it was okay nothing wow, nice to use but didn't really do anything for me, fine everyday scrubs just aren't my thing, I need something rough like lush oceansalt which I used up ages ago :))

would I repurchace, nahh it was nice to use as something random, to put on my face in the shower to kill time while waiting for my hair mask to get ready to wash out :))

In the beginning these where my babies, and I loved them so much. I think It was because so many people had raved about them and then they were finnaly mine. well I guess they are fine but I've got ultra dry hair so this wasn't enough for my hair, but they did make my hair shinny and soft, just still a little to dry. The good thing is I've found my style of shampoo or kinda, my hair is still dry the day after.. but oil shampoos and Conditoners has become what I use, now I use a pair from syoss, which is fine but nothing has beaten the gliss oil shampoo and conditioner that I used in croatia and I'm planning to get some off amazon soon! when I've used up the millions of shampoos on my shelf :))

would I buy again, no I don't think so unless I'm going on vacation, forgot my shampoo and this and some shampoo i don't know and don't seem promiseing is there, i'd probably get the aussie one :))

This 500ml jar has lasted me around 8 months, used it up on new years eve :)) this product is great it really helps my ultra dry hair but like anything else it can't do the job alone, my hair suffered this weekend because I forgot to bring my hair oil, I can sometimes skip the oil if I use the oil shampoo but this weekend I used the macadamia shampoo which I realised I don't like that much but I'm using it up. I does not lather at all, so it takes quite some work to get it all over your hair. My hair feels soft after use of a good shampoo (after I squeezed the water out of my hair, before conditioner) but no no dry as hay.

Would I repurchase? yes I would but right now I have this in the 100ml and 16 months of hair mask to use up first :))

It's not relly used up it still has liquid and removes nailpolish but the thing is every time I use it it turn my fingers in to the color of the nailpolish i'm trying to remove, or if it's a gentle color it makes my fingers blue.. so it's time to trash it, it was super great made removing nailpolish so much faster and easier to remove I will repurchase, but I might try some other brands first :))

but thats it ♥
xoxo Christina♥


  1. Tror jeg skal have købt mig den hårmaske og neglelakfjerner! :-D

    Love Malene ♥

  2. Det lyder som en god ide!! <3 den er isforhold til andre sider, ret billig på der er gratis fragt :))


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