Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Review: Macadamia Natural Oil Healing oil treatment ♥

Hi blog♥

Sorry It has been so quitet on the blog the last few weeks. I used to blog every day, then every other then every third it has gone a bit out of hand sadly.

The reason, honestly lack of inspiration, school or not really just had a week off, but that didn't really change much, I think it just one of these things that happen to bloggers, some periods we powerblog and some we barely blog, I'll try to keep up and hope my blogging passion, gives me a big kick in the butt so I fall and land in a pile of inspiration♥

but, but, but this is a review for Macadamia Natural Oil Healing oil treatment which you can get here♥ The same place where I got mine♥

I have the 125ml one and I really do love it, makes my hair soft and shiny and it lookes like my hair is really benefiting from this lovely oil♥ The oil is yellow but it does not stain my pillow, I would typically apply it after a shower on my damp/wet hair and then, make two braids, go to sleep and wake up with soft luscious waves♥

I think it has a lightly spice-vanilla scent I might be completely wrong but thats how I smell it :))

overall I do love and recomend it, but it aint a lie I do have one hair oil I enjoy more than this one♥

xoxo Christina♥

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