Thursday, February 13, 2014

Uniq 1 hair treatment review♥

Hi blog♥

so in a haul I haven´t filmed yet ups, I will be showing this product♥ but the fact that I haven´t showed it yet, shouldn't stop me from makeing this review♥

I'm acually just gonna list the things it says it does and say if I agree or disagree♥

1. repair for dry and damaged hair
- I can defenetly tell that it has helped my hair, it feels less dry, even my ends feel less dry♥

2. shine and frizz control
- It's kinda hard for me to tell because my hair is never frizzy and has always been really shinny so I don't think it had added shine for me but, I can't say that it doesn't :))

3. Heat protection 
- I have really injoyed using it as  heat protection, it doesn't make my hair cruncy, but it is hard to tell if it protects the hair but I haven't seen more damage in my hair♥

4. silkiness and smoothness
- Yes, yes and yes defenetly! when I'm to lazy (everyday, all the time) to use hairoil I just sprtiz it in my hair and my hair still feels soft and silky but it does feel better with this spray + hairoil :))

5. Hair color protection with uva and uvb filters
- my hair usually goes lighter in the summer because the sun bleaches it, but since it's not summer it hasn't gone ligther so I haven't been able to test this♥

6. easier brushing
yes it is really good as a detanger even when I don't use my macadamia no tangle brush, my tangels are gon almost instantly :))

7. incredible detageling 
- well that kinda the samething, easier brushing and detangeling... but yes it really works♥

8. long lasting hairstyle 
- I only was my hair every third day due to I wan't the oil production in my hair to slow down, and saturday I curled my hair and the next two days with brushing I still had curls but much softer so I do belive that it makes it last longer :))

9. splitend prevention
- emmh I haven't noticed more splitends than I already had before useing this, but my end do look nicer♥

10. adds body
- my hair is quite flat around my roots but I don't reallyv spray the product there, but the lower parts of my hair does look way fuller now :))

but thats it for now♥

xoxo Christina♥

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  1. Jeg har også hørt meget godt om den, men ved stadig ikke om jeg skal købe den :D


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