Thursday, February 6, 2014

Whats in my makeup bag♥

Hello Sweet people I've probably never met, how are you doing?♥

Well as you might know I went to copenhagen this last weekend it was fun! I had an Italian pizza... Bad Christina bad....! well I tried to convince my friend to eat sushi or cook ourselfs, but no pizza or pizza.

Well I'm changeing lifestyle so I'd like to stay away from junkfood, Pizza and kebab are the only junkfood I used to eat. it may sound much but I've only been to Mcdonals under 25-30 times my whole life(I'm 16). I used to go there on my birthday from 4-10 years old and a very few times with friends. The last has been on vacation where it has been the only place to eat on the go, or when everything was closed. I've had a little to much on vacations eww.

WHY do I always change the subject when I blog I guess my mind just carry me away.. :))

Well no more junkfood talk!! Makeup bag, what it in it?♥

1. Nilens jord: blush number 702 :)) very fresh on the skin like you've just been out in the biteing cold♥
2. Maybelline browdrama: medium brown a quick fix when you don't wan't to pack a browpowder and brush :))¨
3. Rosebud lipbalm: stawberry, I thought I'd lost it, but I recently found it in one of my purces or bags :)) My Little darling I have 3 rosebud lipbalms now and I love them all :))
4. Cargo bronzer: medium matte the bedst bronzer I've tried so far!! blends perfectly I love it :))
5. youngblood: kabuki brush my lovely all in one brush bronzer/blush/powder <3
6. Essence mascara: get BIG lashes very light weight  more of a powdery feel when dry, where others is more heavy and creamy when dry :))
7. youngblood: mineral Loose Foundation in Honey. Nice coverage almost no product needed (in mu case) one of the best I've ever used I need to do a clinique mineral powder vs. youngblood I've had it on my min for a while :))
haha but thats it :))
xoxo Christina :))

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