Tuesday, February 4, 2014

When health meets beauty - Oral care♥

Hi blog♥

Have you ever wondered why alot of people (even I have tried, with no succes..) bleach their teeth? to get white teeth dahh... but is having white teeth beauty? hmm.. maybe or maybe not, what do you think, does white teeth make people prettier or doesn't it matter having a little bit of a yellow smile?♥

The point of this blog post is actually about oral hygiene, because being healthy is beautiful and body, hair, and face often overshadow oral care.

Oral care is not just having white teeth and a minty breath, do you clean your mouth good enough? I hate to admit it but I've always been bad at keeping my teeth clean even though I have never in my 16 year old life had a hole in my teeth I must have strong teeth, because I've been so bad.

and thats one of the reasons why I brought it up just to remind people to take care og their teeth, I'm all about skin and haircare but I need to up my game on oral care♥

Well remember to take care of your teeth and remember to smile, don't got one? take one of mine I got plenty :))♥

xoxo Christina♥

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