Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Betweens.dk :))

Hi blog♥

So It's soon around april-may there is a lot of confirmations and what do you give theese "Betweens" not kids and not that much teenagers? Clothes. betweens.dk/ sells clothes for 8-16

And when I see that the sizes are in age I would say probably mostly for 8-14 I used size 16 year old in 6th grade when I was 12, well I'm not exactly thin in anyway so.. I just don't see 16 year olds by clothes with those sizes. Don't get me wrong some of the clothes looks really pretty but nothing would fit me.

but back to the 13-14 year old, almost everyone wants clothes, and I feel like betweens.dk/ has some really nice clohtes for boys and girls,which is nice. I'm going to a confirmation april 29th and I wan't to give her someting the doesn't already have or can go get in H&M.

So if you have someone you need to buy clothes to for any accations, here is a few of my picks♥

Girls: betweens.dk piger
from the brand D-xel :))

Boys: betweens.dk drenge
from the brand costbart :))

xoxo Christina♥

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