Saturday, March 1, 2014

Big fitness/skiing haul♥

Hey blog ♥

so apparently stupid chrome translateted my intire blogpost wich is annoying... so hope I fixed it

So I finnaly got around to photograph my new sports clothes which looks kinda messy, because I'm the worst at foldig clothes :))

Blue gejser runningshirt - adidas red runningjacket - adidas runningshirt 

loebeshop multifunctional tube - newline black thermal sweater - x2 oldo underwear (T-shirts)

x3 blueman running thights, last pair is being washed :))

and some craft shorts who wouldn't turn the right way... just great :))

xoxo Christina


  1. Super godt indlæg! :-)
    Kig meget gerne forbi ♥ -

    Knus Michelle Eckert -


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