Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home sweet home: What I packed for my Skiing trip to Norway♥

Hi blog!

I've missed you like crazy, in blogland 8 days ise quit alot but I was around 200km north from Oslo and the internet was almost non existing, all I could do was open my mail I couln't even update my instagram♥

But I'm home now and the video should have been up before I went but time woulden't allow it so now is the time. When filming I forgot a lot of things, more than I briefly mention in the video but I hope you enjoy it any way♥

You might need some music in the backgound since I didn't anything good, without the copyrights coming after me and since the last video I'm still wired on camera :))

xoxo Christina♥


  1. OMG!!!!! your videos amaze me, you are such an huge inspiration, i cant describe how much my mood just gets better, its bin a while since i have been to your blog, because the wi fi on the farm you know, but the first thing i did when i got wi fi, was to check your blog and vlog, you are an incredible personality.... my biggest idol xoxo Laureen

  2. Aww I've missed your sweet comments Laureen♥ It always warms my heart when I see that you have commented :))

    I hope you are doing well, and I can describe how much it means to me that you call me your Idol, I feel so special♥ You are so incredibly sweet, I'm happy to be there for you, love ya :))

    xoxo Christina♥


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