Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In beauty we trust♥

Hi blog♥

Every year we spend millions on makeup, some do suregry, but for what? becoming beautiful?♥

but what is beauty? A slim waist, white teeth or high cheekbones? you do know nobody has the power to decide what is and what is not beautiful. I'm not going to lie I do feel better about my self with makeup on, but I'm not scared without it I've been out a million times without makeup and had a few pictures on the blog aswell, acually only two but still. 

Why are alot of us so scared of our natural face. Everybody is like chill, we are only enhanceing our natural beauty but are we really, putting concealer under your eyes to remove dark cirkels is not (to me) enhanceing your natural beauty, it's covering it up and make an illusion of what we really look like.

Why to feel accepted or good enough to cover up flaws no one but your self can tell you what your flaws are and if you don't think you have any, you simply don't.

what some see as a flaw someone else will se as a beautiful feature, I guess it's just a matter of taste.

Why do you wear makeup?♥

I do it because I'm like a lot of people I wan't to feel beautiful, but it's not that I don't without it but it does make me feel more beautiful which it shouldn't beacuse beauty is not something you can take on and of whenever you feel like it, it's hard to describe something that don't have a complete definition.

xoxo Christina♥

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