Thursday, March 6, 2014 Gold haircare ♥

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So I just descoveret this website so this blogpost is probably more relevant for my danish visiters :))

but kropognegl is a really cool website with a lot of interesting stuff, not just for body and nail, but also hair care hair color and more.

They have this brand called Gold that I've seen a few times before, the packageing is really pretty, simple and sleek and I think their stuff sounds pretty cool after what I've read♥

as a girl with very long hair I've always thought that wax was for guys and girls with short hair, but this gold fiber wax has given me second doubts. This is supposed to look natual, so I guess you can use this in stead of hairspary, just a little in the palms and crunch those curls♥ and I'm just amazed my what ingrediens all of the products have, it's so cool♥

gold sea water cream? I've only seen sea salt sprays. but this cream is supposed to give same results and honsestly I find it way easier to distribute product evenly with creams and oils and this is heat protecting as well, but I not going to lie I do like not having to was product off my hands everytime I use something, but I think this would be really cool to have♥

This Gold spray tan is not just another spraytan, this don't just give color this product is activated whan it touches skin so depending of how fair or dark you are, it will give you a color that look nice and natrual but tanner ♥ which is awesome. I'm personly agains solariums #No to skin cancer and I belive if you really want that tan go for a spray instead, yes it has chemicals but almost all hair, body makeup products do.

Take a look at this video I'm amazed of all these ingredients they use such as shea butter, coconut oil, rice protein♥ IHHHH makes me happy :))

xoxo Christina♥

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