Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New in Youngblood + 20% off cocopanda promocode♥

Hi blog♥

So I've just picked up my package from cocopanda, and Iw'm so happy because I love this powder!♥
but the thing is shade 03 honey is to light and 04 tawnee is a little to dark :(( wish they had an in between♥

But I love this Youngblood powder and I'll make it work somehow♥
and If you think it is ekspensive even when at cocopanda it's 47% just know, before this one I had one from a giftset with 3 grams, those 3 grams lasted me 5 months no kidding and I did not use it spareingly so this is probably going to last me16-17 months and once I used rimmel stay matte I used one up every month and the price was 50dkk so 50*17 so 850 or 216 dkk I'll go with youngblood which is way better aswell♥

and besides that I have a little promocode for you lovely people 20% off stuff that are not already on sale at cocopanda and the promocode is: COCOPANDA3103 and you can use it until the 31st martch ♥

and as you might know I'm going on a skiing trip, and I try to premake some blogposts, and If I get the time I'll try to film a packing video, hopefully better than the ones I did for Kroatia♥

xoxo Christina♥

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  1. Jeg elsker også pudderen! Så fin og lækker at have på :)



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