Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New in♥

Hi blog♥
Guess who went shopping.... yeah you guessed, I did :))

So I went to H&M because I've had some jeans laid aside and I got some jewlery, a basic sweater and a skirt, it wasn't that interesting. I also got a cute tea box that says "Tea time" and a heartshaped pumice stone both from astore called "søsterne grene" direkt translatet to "sisters branches" :))♥

The "Great" necklace is cute but I only got it because it was a 2in1 with the lightning♥

I want more fruit teas with pretty colors instead of 3 different green teas, lemon tea and T-kick :))

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Søstrene Grene is simply amazing and I can see you found some jewelry on sale in H&M! I love when they do that and every store has something different, so if I could i would visit each one. Nice stuff!


    1. Yeah they are great, I feel like i'm entering some other little world, because of the music and it's like a little journey because it only goes one way :)) and H&M has the best jewlery sales :))♥


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