Monday, March 3, 2014 + giveaway♥

Hi blog♥

So this new website where you can make boards and pin pictures of your choice♥ repin others pretty pictures. or if someone posted a picture of a her new dress you could ask where she got it, you can share basicly everything♥

The site is very new so some bloggers including me is giving a helping hand with spreading the news, in return pintrendy has sponsered a litte price to one of lucky cupcakes♥

All that you'll need to do is.
is like their facebook page facebook-pintrendly♥
sign up for a free account here
and follow me on pintrendy you know I love you, right?♥ x))

comment your email so i can tell you if you win♥

and If you feel like it, it's not a demand you could♥
like my fb page
and follow the blog :))

only open in Denmark, sorry♥
giveaway ends the 12th march and the winner is found the 13th :))

but what is it that you could get in return for yor kindness♥

This cute necklace and you can decide which color you want!! I think I might enter one of the other bloggers giveaway just to try to get my hands on one♥

I hope that you will enter :))

Xoxo christina :))


Please write a comment, would love to talk to you!♥