Monday, March 24, 2014

Review CHI nail polish♥

Hi blog♥

So if you know me at all you'll know that I shop way to much :)) and sometimes the stuff you buy just don't work for you :))

and that is sadly the storie of this nailpolish from chi, chi makes awesome hairproducts (I've heard :)) )
so I thought maybe they make good nailpolish aswell.

Well I can't judge the whole line, every color from essie is not perfect, like "mint candy apple" applys like a drem while "damsel in a dress" I feel is a little more tricky, I find it hard apply it without it looks streaky.♥

Chi cerramic Nail Lacquer in the color: My white knight

It's like everything that could go wrong with a nailpolish, has gone wrong with this one..

The polish is so thin and watery, runs everywhere when you try to apply it. Worst streakyness ever, Bad brush, and I did test it, I cleaned it and tried with another nailpolish, totally ruined the application, and I cleansed a good brush to try with the white nailpolish, still not good.

Like just don't buy it, I can't say that other colors can't be good but if the brush is this trashy, then I'm guessing it is. The only good thing.... the packageing looks nice :))

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Trist alligevel, men kender det. :-)

    Love Malene ♥

  2. Ja havde længe ledt efter en hvid neglelak, som ikke var så dyr. Tror bare jeg finder et mærke jeg kender :))♥


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