Friday, March 7, 2014 gorgeous jewlery ♥

Hi blog♥

Sorry to the people who don't live in Denmark♥

But again today I would like to share this website with you called as the title says ♥

They have some really cute simple jewlery and I've seen a lot of people wearing that kind of jewlery lately, for their price I think it's a bargain the gold necklace is coated with 14 karat gold and I've seen cheaplooking stuff that is way more expencive than this simple classy beauty♥

If you like it you can find it  Here♥

and this is my other favorite♥ I've always been in to this kind of bracelet, you'll know if you read one my past jewlery posts♥ but just that sharp cut and those shinny stones and it is coated with silver so no chance of nickel eksposition :))

find it Here♥

the website not only sells jewlery but also clothes and shoes from brands like 2nd day, selected femme Amust and more♥

xoxo Christina♥

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