Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Benneton HOT parfume review :))

Hi blog♥

This time I've Benneton HOT parfume :))

I've heard really good things about this parfume, it seems like, there is a lot of people that really loves the smell of this parfume. So I was Excited to get this in the mail, it took it's time because, while on easter break we had some holidays, where they did not deliver mail.

Scent: The scent is nice, not overpowering in anyway, a sweet and slightly fresh scent, in my opinion. The top notes are rosewood and some citrus fruits, which I do not smell at all maybe the rosewood but but the citrus no. Others have said this as well but It kinda smells like a sofft vanilla and rosewood. What really catched my attention to try out this parfume that online mode has sent me, was that quite a few people have said that this parfume is very simmilar to a Chanel parfume called allure, which I've wanted to try but I didn't want to spend my money on it♥

Bottle: Like almost everyone who has seen the Benneton HOT parfume's bottle, can agree that it is not the prettiest bottle, actually I think it is quite ugly, but fortunately I care more about the scent than the looks of the bottle, I have some friends who are like "If the bottle ain't pretty I don't want it" Which I think is Quite silly♥ But Benneton hot and cold  do look really  wired with their water handle cap/top :))

An old but good parfume I belive it was made the same year as I was born :))

It should be here♥ but I can't find it, so I guess it might currently be sold out♥

xoxo Christina♥

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