Thursday, April 10, 2014

Best Combat boots ever♥

Hi blog

So I got these amazing shoes from ♥

Yes this is sponsored, but opinions are always my own♥

Over the past few days I've been rocking these lovely shoes. They are black Combat boots with a cute and settle plaid design on the inside and buckles on the side. I'm not quite sure if all the shoes has it because it such a little amount but hey probably do. The shoes have tiny gold sparkles on the tip of the shoe and on the heel of the shoe, which is a nice really settle but nice detail.

The shoes for me personally have a really nice width. I've tried on so many shoes that have been so unbelievably slim and tight that my foot, which is slightly wider than average, or just my friends who all have tiny feet, well I couldn't even get my foot in but these are so nice there is the perfect amount of space for my feet♥

Some shoes hurt and give you blisters on the side of your feet and your heels the first couple of times that you use them which is so annoying, but these are just incredible and they do not hurt. These shoes are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, it's like there is a thin build in pillow in the shoes, Even my favorite brown boots can hurt a little after a very long day but I swear to god these do not hurt at all♥ 

I only little issue I had with the shoes was that it got those little white streaks on the tip quite fast, but it's okay because the rest of the shoe is perfect and I love how it has the tie in the front, and a zipper in the side, they are so quick to put on, just zip up and go♥

The steaks are really tiny but because the shoe shines a bit it looks like much more :))

Get them here♥ Shoes♥

I tried to be creative but the best I could come up with was putting the shoes in the flowers... :))

xoxo Christina♥


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