Thursday, November 16, 2017

High end Mac mineralize skinfinish VS drugstore MUA undress your skin highlighter♥

Hi blog♥

I felt like comparing two products this evening, or day wherever you are :))
In the back of my mind, I remembered someone compareing Mac mineralize skinfinish and the Mua highlighter and I belive someone said the mua one was a dupe for soft and gentle, which it is not, in my opinion.

They are both really pigmented and pretty, but they do not look alike.

Mac soft and gentle is a champane-gold while Mua Undress is a pink highligter with a purpleish sheen.
Both picks up on fingers and brushes really well, Mac is more of a creamy soft powder while mua is really hard and you would probably expect that you would have to rub really hard to get something on your brush which is not the case :))

On the skin: Mac Soft and gentle i find that sometimes it gives more of a glitter effect than a sheen, I think it depends on how much I use. Mua is perfect on the skin you really just glow, but I wish it was that champane-gold color as the mac one then it would have been perfect♥

Best value for money: I gotta say eventhough the texture and color of the mac one is Better/prettier, Mua is the winner it is so inexpensive like 3£ and it never glittery always just shiney, which I wish the mac one was♥

xoxo Christina♥

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