Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My current fave lipcombo♥

Hi blog♥

Is it just me or do we need more makeup on this blog? Well I think we do :))
So I was thinking hard about what to write about today, because kinda out of ideas at the moment, but my powerblogging drive will soon return I can feel it :))

So I looked at my makeup collection to get some inspiration and gave up, so I started playing with my lipstick because thats just what I do :)) and then I thought I should share my favorite lipcombo ♥

The last one was a cherry red color perfect for the season and this one is a really springy combo♥
- I never wear the lipstick alone it is simply to light for my skin tone :))♥

*Please do ignore my baby moustache x)) I really need to fix it* #BrunetteProblems

So the combo consist of:  Barry m lipstick in number 155 and on top inglot sleeks cream in number 98♥

Do have a favorite combo? please comment♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Den ser helt vild lækker og indbydende ud :-)


    1. Mange tak, er rigtig glad for den, da lys pink plejer ikke at passe til mig, men synes denne er fin nok♥


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