Friday, April 18, 2014

Pampering + new nailcolor :))

Hi blog :))

So I'm currently at my summerhouse, there is absoulutely nothing to do here this time of year. No wifi thank god my iPad has it's own internet :)) only 5 boring channels on the tv, mom and dad in the yard and my sister studying for her exam.

And they wan't to stay til sunday!! No way!

But i knew I would get bored fast so i brought some pampering stuff to kill time with, some books and I just realised I can watch Real tv on my ipad!! No more old people tv :))
- sorry if it's a little blury since I couldn't make it on the computer :))

In real life it a really bright blue with alot of green shimmer a mermaid color :))
It's from vivo cosmetics and the name is mystical dragon :))

xoxo Christina :))


  1. Haha, jeg er også i sommerhus til i morgen :-) hurraa..

    1. Ja weeee x)) skulle havet været hjemme igår men de trak den til idag -.-♥

  2. I love the nail polish :)

    1. It is so much prettier in real life :)) but thank you♥


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