Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Rosebud original salve♥

Hi blog♥

Thanks to who sponsered this product to me, if you have read my blog for some time you'll know that I'm crazy about Rosebuds lipbalms and now I finally have the salve.

I've tested this product not just on the lips, which it works wonders on aswell. I've tried it on really dry spots like my elbows and knees. In the beginning I was quite sceptical because it felt a little wired, but I let it sit while watching Grimm online and when I touched my elbow it was so soft not like a baby butt but soft. I didn't apply that much but it was amazing such a big differende.

The roughness wasn't completely gone, I could still feel a little bit when I rubbed my elbow but still it made a huge difference which is really nice.

It has a really soft consistency and applies lightly on skin and lips compared to the rosebud stawberry lipbalm which consistency is thicker.

Find the salve and the lipbalms  along with other really cool stuff Here ♥

The packageing is super cute and I love how the salve is like a reddish-pink color in the pot but completely seetrough on the lips it just adds something that makes it look more interesting instead of, if it looked like vaseline.

Smell wise. the lipbalms all have their own scent, bramble berry quite strong and sweet and stawberry lighter and sweet. It does have a mild scent but i can´t tell what it is, maybe a bit floral it might be something comletely different.

Again the packageing, like the lipbalms I've felt like it has been quite hard to open the first couple of times but after a short period of time it's a piece of cake♥

xoxo Christina♥

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