Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The body shop goddiebag new in♥

Hi blog♥

As promised, here is the lovely goddies I got from the event monday night♥
I think I got some really good things and the spa oil smells so amazing♥

I also got a the body shop waterbottle, some organic cottonrounds and a movie ticket for a movie called labor day with kate winslet which will be in danish teaters in around may-june, I saw the trailer and it seems pretty good♥

I've seen people raving about all kinds of cleansing oils and they all just seemed so good, so I can't wait to use this (I might already have when this comes up♥) and I love the way you are supposed to use it on dry skin and when you add water it turn kinda milky♥

It's like the goddiebag knows me I've been lokking fro a hand creme with spf because I feel like i always forget my hands when it comes to sun protection, I Spray spf on my body every morning (this time a year) but I do wash my hand during the day and instead of bringing a sunscreen a handcreame with spf just seemed better♥

Used this last night. It smells sooooo good!♥ but it takes so much time to sink into the skin I think half of it was wiped away by my bed sheets but my legs were really soft♥

Both smell really good, I have the olive scrub and I do not like the scent so when I saw the bodybutter I thought I wouldn't like it, but it smells nice. I love how fresh the grapefruit scrub smells♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Ret kreativ idé at tage billeder af dine ting imellem blomster osv :D

    Hilsen Julie - denmiserable.blogspot.dk

    1. Hehe tak, vidste ikke rigtig hvad jeg skulle finde på, ville bare have lidt farver på♥


  2. Fed måde at opstille dine billeder, du er virkelig god inspiration! <3


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