Friday, May 9, 2014

Beautiful colorful eyeshadow: Palette Executive by make me up♥

Hi Sweets♥

Someone is in a good mood :))

Well I've been so excited to try this pallet, but the first thing that crossed my mind, when I saw it was Holy shiiii-Macaron this is so tiny and so cute. After seeing this palette on a few other blogs I got the impression that it was a lot bigger hmm... ♥

But it has a pretty excellent size, very convenient just throw it in the bag and go and if you where going to travel you would get a lot of eyeshadow in a little space♥

and may I say the quality, pigmentation, texture is fantastic I adore it, and they last really well :)) I wore a purple look to school this tuesday and it didn't fade, crease, smudge or anything, I really pleased. I was excpeting to be a little more than just fine but it has exceeded my expectations and the colors are just gorgeous♥

Speaking of colors I was bumbed about one little thing, because on the website the pink shades in the corner look like a dark plum or burgundy and I was really looking forward to do a look with shimmery white on the lids and a matte brown in the crease and the plum/burgundy in the outercorner. I had the perfect picture in my head but it is going to have to be another time.

But i've also really fallen in love with the blues, it could be so pretty with a cold frosty eyelook♥

But I did get the pallete from which I really appreciate, but the usual disclaimer all opinions are my own♥

If you want your own palette, right here♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Ej, hvor er den bare flot! :D

    Knus :)

    1. Ja den er så smuk er virkelig glad for den♥


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