Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Emties: Products I've used up♥

Hi blog♥

I'm so happy today :))

So the only thing I use up almost instantly is my batiste dry shampoos (Want your own? I got a giveaway running where you can win one + more♥ Give away♥)

But with everything else, it takes me ages to finish products. you would think since I got quite long hair that I would be running out of shampoo all the time, but I don't♥

Over a long period of time I finally have 3 emties... wuhooo :)) and then you see thoose youtubers who have a bin of emties every 2-3 months, like do your pour it down the sink or what?

Aloe vera gel is my skins hero, many of you might have heard of all the benefits of aloe vera gel, let me tell you it ain't Bulls**t. My skin isn't perfect but aloe has made such a difference in my skins apperance and has just cleared it up♥ I swear by it!

- I acually have some before pictures of my sister and I before ve used aloe if you want a "what aloe vera gel has done for my skin"?♥

I absolutely adore the Macadamia hair maqusue but this shampoo just didn't do it for me, but I forced my self to use it up and it went okay quick sine I had to use alot everytime because this shampoo does not lather at all, didn't feel that it moisturized my hair al all only good thing is, it smells pretty good♥

Grace and cole Stawberry & kiwi: Worst scrub ever! The beads were to tiny and to few, just a shower gel with a few beads, so thin that when you would open it would just spill everywhere ugh! So glad we are over! "and weeeee are never never or ever I don't know the lyrics gettting back together"

Do you have an emties video or blogpost?♥ 
Please link in the comments I would love to see what you have been using up and if you liked it or not :))

xoxo Christina♥

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