Sunday, May 18, 2014

Falin Shoes♥

Hi blog♥

So recently I got these shoes and they are so pretty and I love the spikes♥
At first I was quite shocked when I put the shoes on, because the shoeslaceses so loose that my feet looked twice as wide, and I was like these shoes a horrible. Then I got a little mad because they looked so beautiful, when they weren't on my feet...

 Then I decided that I would make them look tighter and it helped alot, they still don't look perfect on me but I really, really like it so I don't care♥

I really like these shoes but I have an Issue with of the shoes, Like my left shoe fits perfecly but the right one is a little tight on my pinky toe, but I guess loosen the laces will help with that.

But it might only be a little issue for me, because I have quite wide feet, I sometime have to take a risk if I order shoes online because of the with of my feet, witch is really annoying, Because some times normal shoes fits and sometimes they don't and alsoo sometime shoes that are made for wider feet fits and sometimes they are so wide that my feet slips out. My feet aren't huge just a little wider than usual...♥

Well I got these pretty shoes from ♥
Yes this is sponsored, but opinions are always my own♥

I think they might be sold out, because I can't find them on the site but you should check out their other shoes, I've gotten a crush on the juca stilettoes in champange♥

xoxo Christina♥

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