Friday, May 23, 2014

Summerly headsets♥

Hi blog♥

So summer is just around the corner and it becomes time to lay on the beach with your headset on and listen to some summer hits♥

I lose my headphones all the time, so it would be nice to, have some that are special, have a pattern, so you'll notice it more, and some that aren't too expensive so if you throw them away  them  it is not that big of a deal♥

This site has some really cute ones I love hov there is so many designs and the price ain’t that bad. It’s nice because it is a nice alternative to a just white headset, I feel like it more personal if you have something different.
So I looked around the site and they had some really cute ones and I have a few favorites and they are so adorable I really want them, I think the floral is my favorite, I could totally imagine me at the beach with the floral headset listening to ocean by john butler trio, it’s my favorite song, it’s 12 minutes long and guitar only. I’m so ready for summer how about you? Or winter if you are Australian ((:

These are my faves

xoxo Christina♥

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