Sunday, June 1, 2014

New in: BeautyBay The collection Little black box summer edition♥

Hi blog♥

So I almost just got my Little black box from beautybay and I already really like it, Beautybay's own makeupline is quite affordable on it's own but by buying this set, instead of all the products on their own + a coupon, I saved some extra money♥

The box containes some reallt nice stuff. I've been wanting another tangle teaser since I allways get annoyed when I forgot to bring my other one upstairs after a trip to the gym, so I did♥

In general I just wanted to explore beautybays own makeup line and thought this box would be a great start♥

Link to the box ♥

I adore this lipgloss I love the coral color with the golden shimmer it just looks stunning. I like the texture and to me it does not feel sticky. the color is called Coral shimmer ( swatches on picture 4)♥

This is a really sweet color, but is has a slight frosty finnish witch I don't like that much, but it's not that bad, so I will still wear it ♥ the color is called Delicate Pink :))

Not the best swatches sorry. 

Left to Right
Coral shimmer - Delicate pink build up - Delicate pink single swatch

Everyone raves about beauty blenders. I'm not really to spend that much money one the originals so this one was perfect, and I quite like it. Better than a brush? haven't decieded yet♥

I had my doubts on this mascara, when I saw the brush I didn't look anything like the wand/brush I usually go for but it did surprice me, I quite like it♥

Again I've been wanting another tangle teaser since I allways  forget to bring my other one upstairs after a trip to the gym♥

and at last there was this lipbrush, to me it looks more like a small concealer brush but it is probably nice anyway♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Nice Post, did you get a chance of using the products? how is the texture, staying power etc??

    1. Thank you, yes I did. The mascara Is very nice doesn't smudge on me, even though my face and eyes is quite oily and the formula is not too wet or dry. lately and it last really well. I havn't really worn makeup lately so havn't used the lipproducts as much but both formulas is really smooth non sticky, lipgloss goes on sheer but gives a really nice look. the lipstick, I don't think it's drying. ehhm lasting power with a good lipbalm underneath the lipgloss last for hours unless you drink or eat. I'm not too sure about the lipstick.

      brush, sponge and lipbrush are all very good I'm really pleased with them and over all I'm really glad that I bought this set saved me money and gave me a few things to try, too see if i like the collection♥

      hope this helps :))

      xoxo Christina♥


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