Saturday, June 14, 2014

New in: My most beautiful bag♥

Hi blog♥

So I've gotten this new bag and I personally think, it's to die for♥ 
the color is the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen, sadly my camera didn't quite get the color right but it's pretty close♥ I'm just so in love. It has three major compartments, the middle one has a zipper♥

I'm not sure where I got it, since my mom dragged me there in a t-shirt, PJ bottoms (that where kinda short!), unbrushed hair and a oily no makeup face, So I didn't pay much attention until I saw the bag and the wired part was, I wasn't sure if I liked it, I must have gotten to much sun at the summerhouse♥

but the brand is called Ihandbag and it is made in Italy if it helps♥

The thing in the middle is just my  wristlet peaking out♥

xoxo Christina♥


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