Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fashion wishlist♥

Hi blog♥

Why is there so many cute clothes everywhere. I spend two minutes on New Look and I wanted everything or alot. I guess I have a thing for floral♥

So here is my fashion wishlist :))

I just love how it's so simple and the has a detailed hem♥

Floral boxy T-shirt I'm in love and I already have ordered it, some time ago♥

I thought they were wired to begin with, but I really like these skorts :))

This is just adorable and the colors would look so nice with a great tan♥

Floral skort the good looks of a skirt, the bennefit of the shorts perfect♥

This is so beautiful, with a white tight skirt and pink shoes. ahh..♥

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Årh elsker peplum toppen og blomster shortsene til! <3

    1. ja de er så flotte, men pengene skal gemmes til shopping i Sverige :)) <3


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