Monday, July 21, 2014

My summer essentials♥

Hi blog♥

This is my summer essentials♥

1. Sun Dance spf 30 sunscreen for sensitive skin
- This is the sunscreen I use when I'm not wearing makeup and doing something like, going to the beach or just relaxing outside, because it's a bit greasy and makes my face a white cast.

2. Malibu spf 15 dry oil spray.
- I love it♥ sprays are an essential, I hate sun lotion (except for spf facelotion) so this is a must. It smells like coconut and it is not greasy at all just sinks into the skin in a second.

3. Palmolive 24 hour antiperspirant deo
- It's Hot and I'm going to sweat, using an antiperspirant deo to prevent smelling, is the answer :))

4. Sun Dance after sun
- The skin needs ekstra moisture after tanning or just being in the sun and this one is good and it was inexpensive♥

5. formula 10.0.6 picture perfect day spf 15 gel moisturizer♥
- it's non greasy so it's perfect for under my makeup. 

6. Aloe vera♥
- All year around essential, got plenty of benefits and is just a treat for my skin.

7. Rosebud original salve
- The strawberry one is my favorite, but the salve is an all over product. It's for the lips, dry spots, bug bites etc. So thats the best one to throw in the bag and go♥

8. Babylips lipbalm
- I've lost my malibu spf 30 lipbalm, so my second choise is this lipbalm with I belive spf 20 and as a bonus it has a nice tint.

9. TBS wild rose spf 15 handcreme
- Last one♥ I don't think I apply my sun spray on my hands enough and they are quite dry, so it's a two in one solution♥

xoxo Christina♥


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