Saturday, October 28, 2017

Products I regret buying :))

Hi blog♥

While trying out things you stumble upon some things, you wish you didn't buy and thats how these blogpost are made♥

1. Mua luxe velvet lip lacuer: when they dry they are dry, if you rub your libs together they crumle, if you layer it looks really tacky. I don't understand how some people can make it work.

2. elf blush in blushing: when you swatch it on the hand, the pigmentation is fine but when you apply it all you get is glitter

3. revlon custom eyes mascara: it's like a twist mascara, when it's one 1 it give you lenght and when it's on 2 it gives volume. No it does not work the twisting makes no difference and the brush is just bad, it's okay for bottom lashes but it always makes my top lashes look really bad.

4 . Nyc eyeshadow I used it in a tutorial once but it was because it was the only matte blue eyeshadow I had. It's chalky  and you have to use a lot to get litlle pigmentation

5. H&M lipbalm, I should have known better, it was an impulse buy, texture is awful, the little pigment is has makes my lips look dead and it's does not give moisture at all, it's already in the trash.
xoxo Christina

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