Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sweden haul♥

Hi blog♥

So from my short trip to sweden I did a little shopping. It was so much fun and knowing that you could take almost 20% off everything you bought, was awesome. (Danish currency is almost 20% more worth than swedish) It just made everything more fun♥ I didn't buy any makeup or hair products, I'm trying to minimize my beauty shopping, I just have too much but it no lie that I slip some times :))

Just realised I got a lot of peplum tops... and I bought a bag aswell but I thought I share that with you in another blogpost. I kinda like the muted pictures, what do you prefer muted or light?♥

*Gina Tricot*



*don't remeber the store, can find the bag*

*Gina Tricot*

*Gina Tricot*

*Gina Tricot*

*Gina Tricot*

xoxo Christina♥

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