Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drink Less. Party More

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So I saw this Interesting add, I know an add which is actually interesting wow... Yes the add is about that we drink to much, and somewhere there was set up a booth, shaped like a gift, where you could measure your alcohol procent. If you did choose to do it, the more you had to drink, the worst the present would be, but If you knew how to limit yourself you'd get a better prize, like concert tickets.

I'm not a heavy drinker at all, and that's one of the reasons why this appealed so much to me, because it has never made sense to me to drink, so much that you can barely stand on your legs, have no clue what you're saying and the next day, you don't remember, I don't know 80% of the party. And Sorry if you hate that type, but I'm the person when, if you smoke I'm going to mention lung cancer and if you don't wear sunscreen and use tanning beds, I'm for sure going talk about skin cancer. It's the same thing with drinking, yes I get it it's nice to get some drinks a Friday night and have a party, stick within the limits, it's better for your liver and kidneys ;))

Xoxo Christina <3

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