Monday, September 29, 2014

I want: Super cool whiteboard :)

Hi blog <3

Recenlty I found out that I could reallt use a whiteboard, in the style of a planner or a reminder. I always leave myself notes but sometimes it's just to messy, so a white board could be really practical. The ones from creativecave have some really great ones.

This one is my  second favorite, not too big or small, great for day to day reminders but a mix between a planner and monthly calender would also be really great. The price aint bad at all, everybody should be able to afford this one.

For that I'd really like this one. I find it's simplicity really beautifull. It's big, has lots of room to write on, did i mention it sticks it selv, I'd really like to have this on my door actually. This one is a bit more pricey, but it is larger and the design is much prettier, so I guess you couldn't really exepect more

They also have some others, like family planers, montly planer with a space for a to buy/shopping list, good variety, check them out here <3

xoxo Christina <3

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