Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ýves saint laurent new in♥

Hi blog

So I saw in a matas store, that if I bought two ysl products I would recive a gift, so I bought a lipstick in nr. 14 and a lipliner, because I wouldn't spend a litte ekstra and buy two lipsticks... argh I wish I did. But in the gift I got a mini of their new parfume, a beautiful yet simple white makeup bag and a gorgeous, and I mean beautiful mirror with a little balck shiny pouch, with a Ysl stamp. 

Sometimes a little luxury boost my mood incredibly much. This lipstick oh my god!! is the most beautiful orange color, bright and fun, I wish I had gotten it way sooner, so I could've worn it in the summertime. I got lipliner nr 7, but it's not that exciting. I kinda regreted it in the beginning but now I'm falling in love with it

I tried to take a picture with me wearing the lipstick, but when I uploaded it, it would have big black spots in my eyes (picture wasn't edited) I looked possessed or something

xoxo Christina♥


  1. Wow!
    In which matas store? (Please be in Copenhagen or Roskilde hahaha), and do you know for how long this special offer will last? I got one lipstick from YSL and would really like some more!

    1. I Saw the offer in Slagelse, it's sadly already over. they are so amazing I've 3 now but I'm going to buy nr. 4 very soon, it's just a gorgeous red <3

      Which one do you have? and what color is it? <3

    2. not 4 as I'm getting my fourth, but the color is nr 4 :))


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